Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kokam Kadhi, Kokam Saar/ kokam curry/ Murgala curry

Kokam Kadhi, Kokam Saar/ kokam curry/ Murgala curry

1. 2 cup greated coconut
2. 7-8 garlic cloves
3. 1 tea spoon cumin seeds/ jeera
4. 1 green chili
5. 8-10 kokam/murgala/ratambe/aamsul
6. salt as per taste
7. 1 tablespoon pure ghee
8. 1 tea spoon asafetida, hing.
9. 4 cup water

Procedure :
1. In a 1 cup warm water soak the kokam(aamsul)
2. Make a fine paste of cumin seeds, garlic cloves,greated coconut and green chilli.with water.
3. Squeeze the paste through the strainer,  add the water and repeat the process one or two times more.
4. Now mix this coconut milk and kokam /aamsul/murgala with its soaked water, add salt.
5. Put this mixture on the stove,but kokam curry should not be boiled.
6. For tadka, heat a frying pan then add pure ghee,cumin seeds and asafetida (hing).
7.Pour this tadka on the kokam curry.

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